Meet the Nexus Team

Karl Hoaglund, President

Thirty years ago, I was a student at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I probably should have been studying torts nonstop, but I found myself sneaking off to program one of the school’s computers every spare moment I got.

That’s when I realized the computer bug had bitten me.

I have worked for software companies, banks, consulting firms and finally as an independent consultant with an emphasis on programming for the finance industry ever since.

Along the way I passed the five examinations required to earn my Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification, and in 1996 I formed Nexus Consulting Group, Inc. to provide software development services to a wide variety of clients including logistics firms, non-profits, a commodities brokerage firm and (of course) Marquette University Law School. Like Marquette, most of my clients have been with me for 10-15 years. Once I get into a relationship with a client, I tend to stay with them.

Over the past couple of years I have had a lot of fun developing Web applications at American Honda Finance. We're moving a big Windows application to the Web, and I've had the chance to dig in deep and develop the framework that supports our single page application. It uses MVC, web APIs, SignalR and JavaScript to dynamically swap multiple windows in and out of a single browser session. Such a blast!

You’ll find a few success stories throughout this site, but here are a couple of highlights:

  • At Brock and Associates, I had the pleasure of developing a system of reporting on commodities futures positions. We spent an entire summer working through formulas required to accurately calculate realized and unrealized profit and loss and to report them on a comprehensive way to consulting clients.
  • I developed a system for the QA department at Datex Ohmeda, for tracking defective materials received from vendors. This featured a web service for hosting the business logic in a middle-tier.|
  • I developed an application at CNA Insurance, in Microsoft Access, for the Treasury Department to reconcile the large number of bank accounts they had around the country.


“Karl is one of the best Developer/Architects I ever worked with. He is proficient in bridging the gap between business andtechnology with ease and highly talented in giving the right solution needed. I worked with Karl for over 8 years and found him to be a great person who possesses immense patience with the right attitude. He will be a great asset to your business.”

– Jeetu Maker, Enterprise Architect