What technologies and languages do you work with?

We work with ASP.Net, MVC, MSSQL Server, web APIs, and open-source JavaScript libraries.

Who owns the code and designs your produce?

You do. At the onset of our work, we put an agreement in place that assigns ownership of all work to you.

How long does it take to build and implement a custom database?

We leverage from open source tools, libraries, frameworks and our own proprietary libraries. We never reinvent the wheel when there is a tool that is suitable for solving a problem. We always program from scratch the parts that make your project unique.

Can I adjust plans and features as we go?

Yes. We believe flexibility is key to the success of a project, though once we’ve agreed on a budget and schedule, changes might affect that. However, we’ll note changes that will affect the project in writing, based on your prior approval.

Do you code everything from scratch?

We leverage open source tools, frameworks, libraries and our own proprietary solutions. We program the parts that make your project unique from scratch, but if there’s a tool that’s suitable for solving your problem we never reinvent the wheel.

What happens when you're done? Who fixes any bugs?

Your business changes constantly, so the product we develop will need to evolve and adapt. That means our projects aren’t typically “done”, but we will provide a support arrangement to ensure your needs are addressed. Most of our clients are so happy that one project rolls over into another new project. 

How long does it take to build and implement custom software?

Every project is different so before we start building a solution for you we’ll determine a timeframe that you approve.

How long does a software development project take?

Every project is different so before we start building a solution for you we’ll determine a timeframe that you approve.

How much will my project cost?

Each project is different. Before work gets started, we will create an estimate and stick to that as a fixed budget for your project. We track our time and invoice by the hour, so it’s transparent and completely straight forward. We offer a choice between Agile development (light on design but give you valuable functionality fast, along with more open-ended billing), or a fixed bid, where we do detailed design upfront, followed by a fixed bid.

How does Nexus bill?

We track all of our time and invoice your project by the hour, based on the budget we’ve agreed upon before the project starts.

How can I be assured you'll stick to our budget?

We’ll help you develop a budget upfront and we’ll stick to that based on a contract we both sign before we start the project. We take into account everything that will be required for the scope of the project and give you the best solution for your budget.

Can't I just buy off-the-shelf software for less money?

Yes, many times you can buy off-the-shelf software. If we think that will offer the best value for some or all of your needs, we’ll advise you to buy it. Our clients often find that there are major “gaps” that aren’t filled by off-the-shelf software – or there is simply no current off-the-shelf solution that can handle a certain function. Plus, your competitors have access to the same off-the-shelf software solution. When we get involved with a custom solution, you get a unique competitive edge and there’s a direct tie to your ROI.

Can I see what you're doing on my project regularly?

Absolutely! We believe in transparency in all we do. We’ll provide daily status updates and weekly progress reports.

Are you taking on new projects right now?

Yes! We’d love to work with you. Feel free to call us at 213.986.6946 or send an email to info@nexuscgi.com. We also invite you to fill out our contact form here

What makes Nexus Consulting Group, Inc. better or unique?

Quite simply, our people make us better and unique. We been in business since 1996, focusing historically on Windows applications, Microsoft Office and database development. Since then we’ve added Web development and mobile application development, and as technology changes, we change. Our clients are partners who value the possibilities of technology. They need to accomplish more with fewer resources. And they trust that their custom development and data integration needs will be met – on time and on budget. Reliability is our fingerprint. Everything we do spins off the need for processes that are simpler, faster, more efficient, and nearly fail-proof, and our average client tenure of 10+ years proves we’re doing it right.

Where are you located?

Our home office is located in Torrance, California in Los Angeles County, and we have a satellite office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What time zone do you work in?

We work in YOUR time zone. Our goal is to offer the best capabilities regardless of our location.

Does everyone at Nexus speak English?

Yes, we are native English speakers. Even our partners who are located outside of the U.S. speak English.