Database Design & Development in Los Angeles & Milwaukee

A database should be designed very carefully. Data must be normalized correctly. Primary keys and indexes should be placed strategically. Queries should be optimized to make sure they are running as fast and efficiently as possible. These are the details our database developers focus on.

A database acts as the "guts" of most business computer applications. Referential databases, for instance, are organized into tables that refer to each other in a way that makes data retrieval lightning fast – and makes data storage and modification very efficient and accurate.

Many of our clients turn to a database when their operation has out-grown the data storage method they started with. Some started storing their information in Excel spreadsheets or Word documents, which worked fine until they discovered that tens or hundreds (or more) of separate spreadsheets were scattered across countless computers in their office. Of course, they couldn’t always find the one they wanted, and there was no way to do analysis across the spreadsheets. It was impossible for them to automatically get the sum or average of a particular field from 50 different spreadsheets, for instance. Move the information to a database, and the analysis becomes extremely easy and instantaneously fast.

We've been designing databases for businesses in Los Angeles and Milwaukee since before DOS was invented, and love all the features that make the modern database systems so powerful. We’d love to design a custom database that fits your needs.