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Custom Windows Applications in Los Angeles & Milwaukee 

Within the walls of a company – and within the firewall of a company – nothing beats a Windows application for speed, power, and ease of development.

Custom windows applications can draw on any of the computer resources in your company – mainframe computers, database servers, spreadsheet files – and present the results to users to update or view.

The development tools from Microsoft and others make Windows development faster and less expensive than ever, too. Windows applications have a richer user experience than most other web applications, and certainly a better user experience than mainframe terminals do!

One powerful type of Windows application is one we develop with Microsoft Office using Microsoft Access. Everything in the Office Suite (Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) including powerful Microsoft products like Outlook and Project, contain a version of Visual Basic that allows them to be programmed very effectively – and work together seamlessly.

For example, an application written in Access that contains a huge database of customers and a catalog or price list, could export the results of a query to an Excel spreadsheet that can be emailed to customers. The Access application could then call Outlook to create a customized email message to each customer, attach the spreadsheet to the message, and automatically send it out. Alternately, Access could call Word to create beautiful customized letters to each customer. The power and productivity gains for your business are unlimited.

We create custom Windows applications for businesses in Los Angeles and Milwaukee that improve performance and reliability. For more information contact us today.