Client Success Stories


As much as we'd like to toot our own horn, it's our happy clients who really speak for us. Some of these folks have been with us since the beginning, and many have worked with us for ten years or more. These valued clients know the pain and pleasure of managing data and we think these Success Stories will offer more insight about what we do and how we do it.



American Honda Finance

The Challenge: Our client, American Honda Finance, wanted to create its first mobile app. The app would create a new way to interact and connect with customers, plus it would provide another way to bring delinquent customer accounts up to date. The app would give the client another channel to remind customers when payments were due, and provide an easy, convenient way for customers to pay, thus reducing the number of missed payments and overdue accounts in their portfolio.

The Solution: Nexus Consulting Group developed a simple, sleek mobile application that has given American Honda Finance a foothold in the mobile world. Its customers receive timely notifications on their mobile app – which they use all the time anyway – and they can easily make a payment wherever they are. The application ties in seamlessly with the client’s enterprise data to guarantee the security of customer information and to makes the experience easier for the customer.

The Process: The application started out simple. We followed the Agile approach of providing our client with the most-needed functionality as early as possible. But the framework we provided will allow the Client to add a lot of great functionality in the future. We’re looking forward to adding some great marketing-related features, for example, the ability to send special offers to customers who we know are coming toward the end of their current loan. With the capabilities of mobile devices our client will be able to track what percentage of clients viewed their ad, what percentage click on the ad for more information, etc. which will allow them to hone their message over time. The application provides another powerful channel for our client to connect closely with its customers.

The Results: The application was developed in just a few weeks using all native technologies for iOS, Android & Windows Phone. It supports the receipt of push notifications, and allows the user/customer to check their current account balance, view when their next payment is due, and make a payment right from their phone. Nexus created a registration process that’s beautifully simple, too: A new user simply scans their monthly bill from their phone camera and enters the last four number of their SSN. The app then links up with American Honda Finance's server-side services (within the enterprise) to authenticate the customer and data-populate the application.

“I worked with Karl for many years at American Honda Finance on a wide variety of projects. He was always able to quickly grasp what we were looking for from the business perspective and offer innovative technical solutions. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I’d work with him again.”

– Denise Edwards, Consultant, American Honda Finance